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DPR & Associates deploys aggressive strategies to obtain a full and complete legal cancelation of your Mortgage, Contract, Deed or Vacation Membership. Whether you’ve just recently purchased or owned for 20 years and now are burdened with a timeshare you cannot use, sell or rent, we will obtain a complete and Legal Cancellation of your Timeshare Contract.

 The industry average is 6-10 months to complete a full and complete Legal Cancellation. We will maintain continuous communication throughout the process.   

 Unfortunately, the IRS values all timeshares at ZERO dollars. The misfortune is that a Timeshare is a worthless investment regardless of what you paid. Had you known this fact we are certain that you would have never purchased your timeshare.

Yes. DPR & Associates can help you get out of your Mortgage, Contract, Deed or Vacation Membership regardless of whether you bought it just weeks ago with a Mortgage balance owed, or decades ago with the Mortgage balance paid.

Yes – Once your legal cancelation is completed all names are removed from the Deed, permanently!

Yes. DPR & Associates is an Attorney Staffed Agency that specializes in Refund Recovery. Our Clients receive 80% of all recovered funds and DPR is entitled to 20% so yes, we do fight for it. However, refunds are not always obtainable and should be considered a bonus above and beyond the financial benefit of your timeshare cancellation.

  1. Resort refund recovery
  2. We guarantee 100% cancellation results! 
  3. BBB “A+” rating since 2012.
  4. Customer Support: Real people that will take your calls and keep you apprised thoughout the process.
  5.  We deliver what we say we will – namely, to obtain your timeshare cancellation.
  6. 100% money back guarantee. 

The cancellation service fee varies. Each Client timeshare has a different set of specifics. If you fill out the form below we do offer a Free Consultation, we can also provide you with a quote once we better understand what we’re dealing with.

Resale Fraud

The IRS values a Timeshare at zero dollars. Did you hire a transfer agency and pay them a fee to post or sell your timeshare? Did they fail to transfer your deed or timeshare to a buyer?

Breach of Contract

After signing the Timeshare Contract did the resort fail to provide the service. Were you told that you needed to buy more points or that you needed to book your vacation a year or more in advance?

Timeshare Cancellation

DPR & Associates offers a free consultation to review the terms and conditions of your purchase. We can determine if you qualify for a 100% guaranteed release or your money back. We send that you in writing!

Credit Reporting

Fair debt collection practices act “FDPCA” & fair credit reporting act “FCRA” laws enable us to help protect your credit once your Timeshare is in dispute.

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