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Were here to assist you Mon-Fri 10am – 8pm. Sat – Sun are on-call with limited availability. Leave a message and a Timeshare Specialist will do a NO Cost Consultation to determine if  we can appove your Timeshare for 100% Guaranteed Release, or your Money Back. We send that to you in writing.

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Free Consultation 1-877 552 2234

Resale Fraud

The IRS values a Timeshare at zero dollars. Did you hire a transfer agency and pay them a fee to post or sell your Timeshare? Did they fail to Transfer your Deed or Timeshare to a buyer?

Breach of Contract

After signing the Timeshare Contract did the resort fail to provide the service. Were you told that you needed to buy more points or that you needed to book your vacation a year or more in advance?

Timeshare Cancellation

DPR & Associates offers a free consultation to review the terms and conditions of your purchase. We can determine if you qualify for a 100% guaranteed release or your money back. We send that you in writing!

Credit Reporting

Fair debt collection practices act “FDPCA” & fair credit reporting act “FCRA” laws enable us to help protect your credit once your Timeshare is in dispute.


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