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If you need to Cancel your Timeshare Contract, DPR & Associates has Maintained an A+ Rating with the BBB since 2012. We’ve been helping Timeshare Owners Eliminate their Contracts for over 9 years and we do it at a lower cost than others.    

DPR & Associates is an Attorney Staffed Timeshare Cancellation Agency with a 100% Success Rate and well known as the Only Agency with a Contract Law Attorney. Out Exit Team and Attorney Staffed Services Specialize in helping Owners Eliminate Mortgage & Maintenance Fee Payments, Cancelling their Timeshare Contracts, and Client Refunds.

DPR & Associates does not accept all Timeshares however, if your Timeshare is approved DPR will then Guarantee in writing to obtain a Cancellation of your Timeshare Contract, 100% Guaranteed or your Money Back!

Over the years DPR & Associates has helped Thousands of Timeshare Owners that found themselves stuck with Mortgage Payments or the ever- rising Maintenance Fees, when seldom, if ever able to use the Timeshare.

There are also many circumstances in which the Developers use Deceptive Sales and Fraudulent Contract Practices. If you need a way out, we invite you to Contact Us for a NO Cost Consultation. A Timeshare Specialist can Determine if we can Approve your Timeshare for Cancellation Services.

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Resale Fraud

The IRS values a Timeshare at zero dollars. Did you hire a transfer agency and pay them a fee to post or sell your Timeshare? Did they fail to Transfer your Deed or Timeshare to a buyer?

Breach of Contract

After signing the Timeshare Contract did the resort fail to provide the service. Were you told that you needed to buy more points or that you needed to book your vacation a year or more in advance?

Timeshare Cancellation

DPR & Associates offers a free consultation to review the terms and conditions of your purchase. We can determine if you qualify for a 100% guaranteed release or your money back. We send that you in writing!

Credit Reporting

Fair debt collection practices act “FDPCA” & fair credit reporting act “FCRA” laws enable us to help protect your credit once your Timeshare is in dispute.

Our Purpose and Movement

Our purpose is to put an end to the financial burden caused to those trapped in a Timeshare Mortgage or stuck with the Life Time Payment Plan of Maitenence Fees. To undo this misfortune while providing an exceptional experience, platinum customer support and a rapid result in the Cancellation of your Timeshare Contract.

DPR & Associates is committed to dedicating an exceptional experience beyond your expectations in all areas of the Timeshare Cancellation process. Our service is designed and tailored to each one of our Client’s unique situation. DPR & Associates uses the most aggressive strategies to Cancel your Contract while always adhering to State and Federal guidelines.

As an Attorney Staffed Agency with thousands of Clients being released each year, we continue to strike back for the consumer.


Ranked #1 Attorney Staffed Cancellation Service. End Mortgage & Maintenance Fee Payments Today. Take Action Now!

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